IQAC Members

IQAC stands for Internal Quality Assurance Cell, which is a committee in educational institutions that ensures and monitors the quality of education provided by the institution. The IQAC members are typically appointed by the head of the institution, and may include representatives from various departments, faculty members, students, and other stakeholders.
The role of the IQAC members is to work together to develop, implement, and evaluate policies and procedures that improve the quality of education and other services provided by the institution. This may include activities such as:

  • Developing and implementing quality assurance processes and procedures.
  • Conducting internal audits and reviews of the institution's processes and systems
  • Developing and implementing plans for continuous improvement
  • Collecting and analyzing data to evaluate the effectiveness of the institution's policies and procedures
  • Identifying areas for improvement and developing action plans to address them
  • Providing feedback and recommendations to the institution's leadership and stakeholders