About Hotilal Ramnath College

The genesis of this premier educational institution of higher studies in this for flung rural area ‘Amnour’ of Saran Commissionary goes back to 1960. Amnour is a small block level township thickly inhabited with backward & marginal cross-section of community with illiterate masses. Its economy is totally dependent on agriculture. During the 50’s decade there were no any centre of higher education in this rural area, poor farmers of this area could not able to provide higher education to their wards, since they have to send their wards to main township of chapra which is about 40 km from Amnour and they were not in a position to bear the expenses. There is pond in Amnour, of Hindu religious importance called Badka Pokhar (Big Pond) ‘Amrit Sarovar’.

It is being said that this pond was dug by demons in one night. In Oct. 1959 a saint Swami Bharat Dasjee organized a huge Mahavishnu Yagya (महा विष्णु यग) on the bank of this Amrit Sarovar. A good amount of revenue was collected from devotees in this yagya. A need based idea came in the mind of local intellectuals and social workers that “why not to utilized this revenue in establishing a centre of higher education” and they put up this proposal to Swami Bharat Dasjee, and Swamijee instantly became ready for this pious venture and started motivating the local elites of social concerns to come forward and enthusiastically take up this pious venture with generous donations. A famous businessman of Amnour Sri Ramnath Sahujee come forward and took this pious venture with the help of local socially concerned elites.

anel> He also generously donated three acres of land for the purpose. The local socially concerned elites who enthused Sri Ramnath Sahujee and actively participated in establishment of this college were Sri Ram Narayan Singh, Sri Kashi Nath Prasad Srivastava, Dr. Bhagwat Prasad, Sri Braj Madhav Prasad Singh, Sri Yamuna Prasad Singh, Sri Dharm Nath Singh, Sri Kumar Vijay Singh, Sri Vikramaditya Singh, Sri Dina Nath Singh, Sri Magni Singh, Sri Ramjee Prasad ‘Ashok’ and Sri Kedar Tiwari. Finally this college came in existence on 16th January 1960, its name was derived with combination of names of late father of Sri Ramnath Sahujee “Hotilal” and his own name “Ramnath” thus a named coined for this college “Hotilal Ramnath College”.

Now popularly known as H. R. College, Amnour. Initially this college got 67 students on roll, gradually the college received a new life and gained a new dimension. In year 1962 it got affiliation from Bihar University, Muzaffarpur for teaching upto graduation level in faculty of Arts, which was later on endorsed by Dept. of higher education, Govt. of Bihar in 1965. On 16th .Jan 1968 Sri Gopi Raman Rawat a senior most professor of History Dept. from R. K. College, Madhubani took charge as principal of this college and his arrival and taking change as principal has been proved a milestone in the growth journey of this college. Due to sincere and hard endeavors of Sri Rawatjee faculty of science has been established in year 1971 and teaching of science subjects upto graduation level started. It was only due to hard, sincere and diligent efforts of Prof. Gopi Raman Rawat this college was converted into a constituent unit of Bihar University, Muzaffarpur in year 1980. After bifurcation of Bihar university, Muzaffarpur and subsequently constitution of Jai Prakash University, Chapra, it came under the jurisdiction of Jai Prakash University, Chapra in year 1990. This college has a large interior coverage. It is an only constituent college of repute among seven adjacent blocks of Amnour in, sub. Division Marhowrah of Saran district. Due to competent and dedicated teaching and non-teaching college staff, this college is standing in front row among the institutions of higher education with popularity for its quality education. The college is successfully carrying forward the dream of late Ramnath Sahujee i.e

“To enlighten the life of poor and downtrodden students with light of wisdom & knowledge”